• Full Service Machine Shop Services:
  • Boring, Honing, Balancing, Magnaflux,
  • Injector Flow Meter, and Computer Analytics

Machining is an important part of any engine build. That is why we do all of our machining in house. While most engine builders outsource machine operations we leave nothing to chance. Our facility is staffed with highly-trained technicians and we have all of the equipment necessary to build or rebuild engines from the ground up. This yields quicker turn-around time and better quality control.

Our Equipment includes:
• Power Hone – Precision Cylinder Honing
• Align Hone – Precision Main Line and Cam Line Honing
• Cam Shaft Analyzer – Thorough analysis of cam for exact timing set up
• Injector Flow Meter – Inspects flow and spray pattern of injectors
• Magnaflux Room – Thorough parts inspection (new and used parts)
• Metal Stress Reliever – Aligns molecules of metal parts on critical components
• Rotating Assembly Balancer – Provides smooth operation with increased power
and extended longevity
• State of the Art Engine Dyno – Engine development, engine tuning and proper
engine break in.